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Investment objects

The new full serviced hotel is the perfect combination of a valuable real estate in good location with attractive, inflation-protected capital disposition, with worthwhile yield and value increase potential is a secure investment in great future.

For you as an owner, no management nor maintenance expenditure required. 

The new luxury hotel, set on 5236 m² area out of which 40% is green, with best placement in Tbilisi, the Ortachala district, providing 163 rooms with perfect views of picturesque Old Tbilisi, restaurants, a cocktail lounge bars, swimming pool, gym, a spa for those looking to relax, renew and recharge, two modernly planned conference areas.

  • Handpicked selection of 163 units
  • Prices from $ 3000 | Invest from $112 000
  • Up to 22% of yearly income return on an investment.
  • Open for Personal usage
  • Fully managed by hotel team


This investment may become your carefree package!

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